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God Kissed Her  Little Paw 

35% of the proceeds benefit
PeggySue's  Adopt-A-Physically Challenged cat. 

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Pets Helped By Your Donations

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Muffin's adopted these two healthy kitties.
PeggySue and Calay were born with paw birth defects.
"God Kissed Their Little Paws" ... 
'See their capabilities
NOT their disabilities'!

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     PLEASE HELP.  EMERGENCY! Three orphaned kittens struggle for their lives… A Family of three newborn kittens was born to a scared, timid Mother only a baby herself.  She abandoned her babies as she could no longer feed or care of them.  But she had no milk and her youngin’s had badly infected eyes.  The four week old kitten family desperately clung to each other.  
     Rescue AKA Queie, a black male, Hope a very tiny Torti; the sickest kitten, and Lovey an orange Tabby all have a severe upper respiratory infections. Sticky mucus covered and dried their eyes and nostrils. They could not open their eyes or breathe.  Queie has a bigger problem – the right eye is so badly infected it popped out of the socket.  
     Dr. Alexandru of the Animal Clinic of Bay Ridge saw them.  They were gave Amoxicillin drops twice a day and Erythromycin eye ointment two times daily and Nutri-Cal supplement three times a day, and bathed their crusted eyes with Chamomile compresses. The babies are responding to hand feedings.  The doctor said that was perfect and they were doing well.  Queie’s traumatic operation will be done as soon as he is strong enough and older.  Dr. Alexandru will perform the difficult surgery.  Mom will be trapped, spayed, ear tipped, released so she can remain healthy and not reproduce.  MUFFIN'S will help subsidize the fees. Donations are appreciated. 
     Prognosis looks good for the three Winter Miracles.  This Holiday will have three strong, adoptable sweethearts representing the Heart of the Season: Family, Health and Goodwill.   Thank you, God Bless.”

MacyFund224.jpg (68568 bytes)Macy's fund helps other pets too!
Macy's Miracle When eight week old Macy was rescued, both of her red bulging eyes were horribly infected. Dee applied Chamomile eye presses hourly to Macy’s inflamed eyes. The following day, Macy was rushed to the vet, who had to remove both her eyes. She was fighting for her life, as she was anemic, and flea infested. After she healed, Macy was adopted by Miriam and her four adult cats. She runs, jumps in the air and catches a toy. She’s a fun kitty who is the Queen Bee in the feline family. Macy always used the litter pan...

StevieWonder817.jpg (14625 bytes)

STEVIE WONDER, a blind, fun loving, vocal, 8 week old, kitten, was the runt of the litter. His badly infected eyes caused blindness. He was rescued from a backyard.  MUFFIN'S paid $200 for STEVIE WONDER his bro ELTON JOHN'S blood work, shots, neutering, antibiotics, and de-worming; The singing brothers were adopted together.  

Sweet Sammy a 2 year old black kitty, was found with one eye shot out by a BB gun. His other eye was badly infected. Generous contributions made it possible for Muffin’s to subsidize his $250 medical treatment. Sammy was adopted by a Karen.  She saw past his eyes...Sweet Sammy's heart spoke volumes.

PEGTABLE.jpg (41202 bytes)PeggySue, three years old. Rescued from our apartment basement.  She had Giardi, an intestinal parasite, fleas and was malnourished. She was born with a partial stump of her front right paw. MUFFIN'S subsidized the $43 spaying, $25 blood testing, $15 shots, $10 de-worming and $30 FRONT LINE for fleas.  MUFFIN'S ADOPTED PEGGYSUE! 

CALAY529.jpg (222013 bytes)Calay, six week old, three legged rescued kitten. (Scroll down to read 6/9 article) She had 103 fever, was flea infested, malnourished, and starving to death. Her dangling left hind paw, a little stump, was badly infected. Blood and pus was pouring from her little stumpy.  She was fighting for her life.  MUFFIN'S subsidized the $20 blood tests, $20 shots, $15 antibiotics and $43 spaying. MUFFIN'S ADOPTED CALAY!  

Shardae210.jpg (84129 bytes)SHARDAE, 1 year old mom with 8 kittens, needed emergency to save her life.  She had had a life-threatening condition called INTUSSUSSCEPTION, ‘messed up guts’. Six inches of intestine were removed, Muffin's subsidized $300 from PEGGYSUE'S HELP-A-PET fund towards the operation to save her life, and an additional $50 for her spaying. MUFFIN'S assisted in finding homes for her eight babies

HOPE Survived Katrina.  HOPE was rescued from a Louisiana kill shelter. She's a small, loving, seven year old, people friendly Beagle, who was bred for years.  When babies were taken from her she was filled with milk.  

VIVA902.jpg (7433 bytes)

*Viva’s 9 Lives During the NorEast ‘05 blizzard, a cat wondered into an empty shack, where she was locked in for two weeks. There were no foot or paw prints in the snow. When Dee found her, ‘Viva’ was screaming and scratching at the door. There was blood the on cats paws and on the door. Viva was a starving three pound, malnourished, seven month old kitty. She went to the vet, had IV fluids, was blood tested, given shots and de-wormed and later spayed. Ten pound Viva adopted Dee and her four adult felines. Muffin’s was able to subsidize her $150 medical fee.

TSAR, 4 month old kitten rescued from a backyard when he was 6 weeks old. His loving care takers, both struggle with their own diabetic issues.  MUFFIN'S paid TSAR's $50 shots, $35 neutering, $50 blood test, $54 de-worming, antibiotics, declawing and rabies shot $175 fees. 

SCOOBYQ902.jpg (8692 bytes)SCOOBY, 6 yrs old, rescued from a family who did not do any medical for Scooby.  MUFFIN'S paid his $70 blood test, $75 antibiotics, $44 neutering fees, and $50 towards gum boil (tumor) removal.

SALLY925.jpg (85937 bytes)SAD SALLY,  rescued, spayed, tested, shots, de-wormed, food and litter.  Sad Sally had five babies. All were adopted into forever homes.


PUKEY_10_13.jpg (27977 bytes)Mr. Lucky AKA POOKEY, rescued 
by Elyse Karnes from a subway station. Muffin's assisted with the neutering, testing and shots. 


SUBWAY603.jpg (6996 bytes)SUBWAY, rescued from the 3rd rail on the train tracks. Neutered, shots, and tested. Adopted by rescuer who had three bunnies. 



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Just Give  donated        $616.41

Michael Curran donated $200

Michael Melikvan donated $25


JOHN TRIMBOLI donated $45

Margie Shangold  donated $100

Kennith Irsay  donated $100

Eileen Olsen donated $100-150-100-100-100-100

The Starlight Foundation, FL donated $500

The Hom Store donated $21
Sharon Klein donated   $100

David Weiss donated  $100 $50

PS 206 JOSEPH F LAMB Students
donated $500 to Muffin's through the Penny Harvest Common Cents program. 

PS 345 City Year
Students donated $74 to Muffin's

Animal Pantry Donated $1,000

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Liz Peterson from Dancing For Animals donated $300 to Muffin's. 


Janice Foti from Furry Friends Pet Care donated $500 to Muffin's.











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Muffin's drawing by artist Laura Bolle

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