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Muffin's Pet Listing Form

EMAIL or Call (718) 833-7988

Please fill in the box below giving the following information:

Pets name, age, breed, cat/dog/puppy/kitten, sex, spay/neuter, shots, (cats: Leuk/Aids tested), weight, personality/disposition, good with kids and pets, shy/outgoing, housebroken and reason you can't keep.

Please e-mail photo of pet in JPG format or send in the picture with the pet's name with the $20.00 listing fee, your name and phone number is confidential. It is not shown on muffins.org or Petfinder.com this listing is for one month.   Please keep Muffin's updated about the adoption.  ATTENTION: If we are not informed about the status of your pet, it will be removed from the listing.

I am sending in the listing fee. 

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