Three orphaned kittens struggle for their lives… During the Holiday Season people are busy shopping around and don't see little things happening right in their own backyard.  A Family of three newborn kittens was born to a scared, timid Mother only a baby herself.  She abandoned her babies as she could no longer feed or care of them.  Now meowing faces looked for comfort and food. But she had no milk and her youngin’s had badly infected eyes.  The four week old kitten family desperately clung to each other. 
Rescue AKA Queie, a black male, Hope a very tiny Torti; the sickest kitten, and Lovey an orange Tabby all have a severe upper respiratory infections. Sticky mucus covered and dried their eyes and nostrils. They could not open their eyes or breathe.  Queie has a bigger problem – the right eye is so badly infected it popped out of the socket.  
Tatiana at the Animal Clinic of Bay Ridge, said to bring them in.  Dr. Alexandru immediately saw them.  
I gave Amoxicillin drops twice a day and Erythromycin eye ointment two times daily and Nutri-Cal supplement three times a day, and bathed their crusted eyes with Chamomile compresses. The babies are responding to hand feedings.  The doctor said that was perfect and they were doing well.  Queie’s traumatic operation will be done as soon as he is strong enough and older.  Dr. Alexandru will perform the difficult surgery.  Mom will be trapped, spayed, ear tipped, released so she can remain healthy and not reproduce.  MUFFIN'S will help subsidize the fees. Donations are appreciated.
Prognosis looks good for the three Winter Miracles.  This Holiday will have three strong, adoptable sweethearts representing the Heart of the Season: Family, Health and Goodwill.   Thank you, God Bless.” -Teresa Romano   

DEAR JUDE: UPDATE...SUCCESS - WINTER MIRACLE KITTENS SAVED... Queie was well and strong enough to have his eye surgery Monday, January 4, 2010.  The New Year began with a magical moment!


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Winter Miracles...

Queie, Love and Hope


Queie before surgery

Dr. Alexandru of the Animal Clinic of Bay Ridge performed the surgery to remove his right eye.  I saw Queie after surgery, he was doing terrific.  I visited him everyday. All the workers at the hospital loved him and played with him all the time. His sister Lovey, a beige tabby, took it real hard being separated.  They had been through quite a lot together and only had each other.  She cried every night and threw up the first night he was gone.  Lovey didn't want to eat. She kept running to my cats Benson and Taz, sniffing them up and down to see if it was Queie.
On January 9 Queie came home, wearing a collar to prevent him scratching the blue stitches.  He was given penicillin twice a day.  They are very happy to
be together again.  In a couple of weeks Queie will return to have the stitches removed.  This could not have happened without Muffins subsidizing the surgery expenses.  This rescue was a big undertaking.  It took a lot of help to get these guys on the right track.  I have to thank Mike Montouri for help with food and supplies, Kathy Pukas for the numerous trips back and forth to the vet and Dolinsky's Pharmacy for donating the medication they needed. 
Next, we will try to get these guys adopted together into a forever home.  Queie is a lover and enjoys playing or sitting and have his neck rubbed.  Lovey loves the play, play and play.  Both are very gentle
and affectionate kittens that would bring tons of love and fun to a home.  - Teresa Romano

Queie after surgery

Queie and Lovey playing hide and seek

Queie and Lovey playing

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Winter Miracles   continues...


DEAR JUDE:  I guess I was reminiscing about where I found the Winter Miracle babies so when I looked over the fence I was surprised to see a tiny Calico kitten looking back at me!  Certainly I had to take her in as her eyes where in pretty bad shape and she was too tiny and thin to make it in the extremely cold nite.  She was alone except for a quick glimpse of a white adult cat. She came right up to me and I discovered her tail was bald as a mouse’s.  She obviously had a case of ringworm that could spread very fast.  After doing my usual of washing, medicating and feeding I placed her with foster mom Rita Bell.  As soft and fuzzy as her coat was she was named Peaches.  I took her, of course, to Dr. Alexandru of the Animal Clinic of Bay Ridge where she was wormed and diagnosis of her tail and eyes where confirmed.  Little Peaches is about 3-4 weeks old.  She's getting Amoxicillin 2 times a day, antifungal cream up to 5 times a day on her tail and ointment for her eye infection.  And of course lots of love, warmth and love. –Teresa Romano